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Regulation & Licensing

Zehnder Consultants is a leading global financial services firm that strive to offer our clients the best in recommended investment opportunities to a global market.

As a globally recognised company, we provide our traders access to a variety of equities, funds and offerings, which are sourced via a range of liquidity providers.

Our registration number is 13277, you may find our validation on the Financial Services And Markets Authority website. www.fsma.be

We also provide a regulatory umbrella for brokers and traders that do not want the hassle of going through the vigorous and time consuming vetting process that comes with being directly authorised with major regulators throughout Europe, Regulatory authorization process can take up to 1 year to complete we can provide regulation and a full compliance structure to trade under our regulatory umbrella provide you full compliance inline with EU requirements contact us to find out more.

Why Choose Zehnder Consultants

We work with our clients to design bespoke solutions, led by senior advisors drawing from all areas of our expertise.

Our Growth

With years combined experience, we have helped fast growing private, corporate and institutional clients achieve their goals.

Highly Experienced

Our Highly experienced team create new opportunity within the world wide stage of investing across all asset classes.